Become a Certified real ESTATE Digital
Marketing Professional


What will you learn?
By earning this certification, you will be able to:

• Conduct digital research, set business objectives for campaigns and develop a
targeted digital marketing strategy
• Build and publish a well-designed and high performing and optimized website
aligned to your business goals
• Create and curate compelling and innovative content that drives ROI
• Set up, optimize, create, execute and report on organic and paid ad campaigns on
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
• Boost your website’s organic ranking by optimizing technical on-page and off-page
• Create and manage paid search campaigns in Google AdWords and use Google
Analytics to measure performance
• Use Google AdWords to create display and video advertising campaigns and ads
using a variety of platforms to evaluate their impact and performance
• Design effective emails that generate leads, retain customers and inspire evangelists
• Set goals for your business and website, and understand how analytics tools are
used to help measurement
• Use owned, accessed, desk, audience, competitor and social listening research to
create a how-to guide for all digital marketing activities


Course Outline

1. Digital Marketing Foundations
2. Website Optimization
3. Content Marketing
4. Social Media Marketing
5. SEO
6. Paid Search
7. Display & Video Advertising
8. Email Marketing
9. Analytics
10. Digital Strategy

Course cost $4999


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